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Typingway - Online hindi typing test with english typing compitition

What is Typingway ?
Typingway provides a great online hindi typing test platform to test your typing skills and typing speed, to get your Hindi or English typing speed boosted use our 1-minute typing test or 5 minute typing race in Hindi or English. Then see how fast you are in typing and compare your result with other competitors.

Used For: Our online Hindi typing software is used for the government exams like Rajasthan high court LDC, RRB NTPC, typist, LDC, Jr. accountant, Informatics assistant, suchna sahayak, UDC, kanisth sahayak, stenographer, highcourt LDC you can also read this article on Rajasthan highcourt LDC Upcoming Vacancy

Features: We use the font devlys 010 for the Hindi typing which is asked in almost every typing government exam so the more you practice on our platform, the faster you will be able to type as this software uses the top 500 words of both the language. If you were able to type every frequent word faster, you will be able to type faster anything also!

Online Hindi and English typing Competition
type more and more, you will be able to compete with your exam mates or your batch mates or may be even your friends. It is like the 1 minute typing race or 5 minute type test. We believe that any beginner or intermediate can learn typing like a game through this online Hindi typing test application. It is like a typing racer where you can type race with other competitors logged on here.

Hindi typing is the most required skill in today's government sector, especially in RRB NTPC and Rajasthan High Court LDC exams. Many govt. jobs are based on Hindi typing. So it is very important to be able to type in Hindi so that you can easily clear any online Hindi typing test on your own without any coaching. Learn Hindi typing at your home with our online type test in Hindi and English at home. This is a free service and always will be so get typing online test free always. Create your own account in here to access software of Hindi typing.

Learn Hindi or English typing for free just in 60 days just keep it consistent

Best online hindi typing test software for Rajasthan high court, online english and hindi type test for RRB NTPC and other government exams

Why choose us: There are many of typing tutors available in the name of typing test and online Hindi typing tests or Hindi typing practice online etc, but they are not really testing your typing abilities the way we do. And you might be getting high speed result but the reality is there are many more constraint in government exams. And we build this application the same way how government built its apps. Plus it is also fun to learn typing faster like a game. It is really a typing game when you are competing daily with your increased speed. Another benefit you are going to get for choosing us over tens of other software in Hindi typing industries is that it is absolutely free. 100 % free of cost

How to type fast in Hindi: if you already know how to type in Hindi in fonts of Devlys 010 typing test and Krutidev typing test (because this two are the only languages asked in government exam mostly in India and Indian states like Rajasthan), then you can simply start the 5 minute typing test by selecting the time from combo box. Well if you are a beginner then I suggest a minimum of 60 minutes practice daily will make your speed boosted. You may find it difficult in the beginning but slowly it will become a habit after a while. Always remember slow and study wins the race.

Compete with others – typing race: you might have played many typing online games which are full of graphics and other things. Well they seems good at starting but there magic fades out as you involve more and more in them. The best way to learn typing without getting bored is when a little adrenaline is releasing while you are typing it makes you more active and you will be more prone to learn fast. So the question is how you will achieve a kind of situation where your harmonic glands release this adrenaline. Well answer is simple through competing live with top competitors through our website. This is the best way to learn typing –the typing race for at least 1 minute or online typing test for 10 minutes in english . When you type daily for at least 60 minutes consistently for a month or so, automatically your speed is going to increase.

Importance of Hindi typing: If you are wondering that why should you learn Hindi typing? Then you must read this carefully. In today’s world hind typing became the most demanding skill in almost all the government sector jobs. Many jobs even takes the typing efficiency test before they finally select you for the post. Government jobs like Rajasthan suchna sahayak exam or upcoming Rajasthan High court LDC Typing test and many other exams don’t let you in without efficient typing manner. So my dear friends typing in Hindi is a must.

In how much time I can learn Hindi typing: This thing is totally depends upon the amount of practice and time you give to learn Hindi typing. And also learning to type in Hindi is a different thing but the main thing is to be able to type fast in hind. Regular online typing tests in Hindi will improve the quality of your typing in minimum time frame.

How to download typing online test free software: you can simply login to our web portal https://www.typingway.com/login and you can find the software in your profile page. It is absolutely a free typing test software.

If you like this application please share it on facebook and other social media platforms your one share will help us to grow more and bring new free of cost services to you. So that other user in need can also get benefit from it. Thank you so much for visiting us. Come again ! and please do online typing test for 10 minutes in english.

How to learn online hindi typing test – typingway software

STEP 1: log on to https://www.typingway.com/home . This is a Hindi typing practice online software you can also download the offline software by signing in.

STEP 2: Then you will see this screen. This is the home page of the website

Best  online type test in hindi and english software for Rajasthan high court, online english and hindi type test for RRB NTPC and other government exams

STEP 3: Now you can simply start typing what’s written inside the box. The word you have to type is highlighted and also its keys are shown in the TYPE THIS box aside. You can also choose between expert mode and normal mode. Just click on show guide to activate normal mode if you are in expert mode.

STEP 4: As you start typing the timer will be started automatically according to your time frame selection (how to change time is in next step). The correct word you are going to type will be shown as green letter and the wrongly typed characters will displayed as red.

Best hindi type test online in hindi and english software for Rajasthan high court and RRB NTPC, online english and hindi type test for RRB NTPC and other government exams

Step 5: to change time limit you just have to click on the top right corner of the typing box where there is a dropdown symbol is appearing choose typing 5 minutes test or up to typing 60 minutes test from typing 1 minutes test. Isn’t it the best software for Hindi typing.

typing 1 minute test online typing games online type test in hindi and english software for Rajasthan high court, online english and hindi type test for RRB NTPC and other government exams

STEP 6: if you are getting bored with the random words then type hard paragraph exercise from the right side bar. And start typing race to get in top of the speed chart. This can be useful for hindi typing for suchna sahayak.

hindi typing practice online and online type test in hindi and english software for Rajasthan high court, online english and hindi type test for RRB NTPC and other government exams

STEP 7: You can also choose between the English and Hindi typing from the radio button on top this can be very useful for Rajasthan high court LDC type test. Because we use devlys 010 for Hindi typing and Calibri for English typing.( devlys and kruti dev typing test are the same typing font)

typing 1 minute test and typing 5 minute test in hindi and english

And you are done. Check for the result when you completed typing means you have reached the end of the time. Your result will look the image Bellow. Now you can save your score or try another round.

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Typingway - Online hindi typing test | Online typing test in english free

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